Top Three Reasons You Need an Independent Therapy Consultant:

  1. Cost Efficiency.  Your therapy program is one of the costliest in your facility AND has the potential to significantly impact your revenue.  An independent assessment and recommendations can give a fresh perspective on how your therapy team operates on a daily basis.  Capture all the reimbursement you are entitled to in the most cost effective way.  
  2. Clinical Effectiveness.  Your facility's reputation depends on the performance of your therapy team.  ACO's, bundled payments, length of stay are now more important than ever.  Make sure your therapy programming is clinically effective, expedient, and has strong clinical outcomes. It could be the difference in getting that coveted contract or not. 
  3. Billing and Regulatory Compliance.  Many facilities, in-house or contracted, are finding themselves at increased risk for fraud and abuse simply because keeping up with the rapidly changing regulatory environment is overwhelming.  As an independent expert, Terapia is up to date and continually works with your therapy team to make sure you are compliant, survey ready, and audit defensible.  

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